• accept invitation sent to your email
  • follow the link to sign up for an account
  • enter additional email(s) – for players only, parents/guardians will be added later
  • enter cell phone
    • check “allow team to send me text messages”
    • enter provider (AT&T, Sprint, etc)
  • enter additional info:
    • upload photo
    • birthday (this will be important for eligibility purposes)
    • address
    • jersey number
    • playing positions
  • add family members/guardians — as many as you want to get team updates
    • allow shared access
  1.  most information can be made private by clicking on the checkbox next to entry field
  2.  rosters available to the public will be shown with first name only and no photo unless you specify otherwise (preferences > my public access info. enter birthday to confirm over 13, and then make changes to last name and photo settings).

Tips & Tricks for getting started for players and parents: https://helpme.teamsnap.com/hc/en-us/articles/228861167-How-do-I-get-started-with-TeamSnap-Tips-Tricks-for-getting-started-for-players-and-parents?utm_source=autoemails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=welcomenonowners&utm_content=gettingstarted