The Minneapolis Southwest Baseball Program, and it's teams, requires funding beyond the budgeted Minneapolis Public School [MPS] funding so that teams remain vital and competitive while providing a wide range of opportunity for players.

Funding for the club comes from team player contributions, team fundraising, and charitable contributions. Nearly $25,000 must be raised each year to support the program.

The Booster Club supports operational costs not covered by the MPS funding or the $60 athletic fee. MPS pays the salaries for 2 of our coaches. The Booster Club pays for the assistant Varsity Coach(es), an assistant JV coach, and head &/or assistant C-Team coach(es). Without our support, there would not be coaching for a C-Team and, therefore, we would only have two high school teams.

MPS pays for uniforms and equipment as their budget allows. The Booster Club pays for other equipment necessary to sustain the program (such as practice baseballs, training equipment, catcher's gear, etc.). MPS does not fund any off-season training. The Booster Club provies off-season training opportunities by renting batting cages and field houses in February/March of each year.